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How to say good bye in Spanish

Say goodbye in Spanish

Ways to say goodbye in Spanish Saying goodbye in Spanish, Basic Spanish conversation. Educational materials to learn Spanish, ELE videos for teachers and students of Spanish Expressions to say goodbye in Spanish Adios (Goodbye): It is the most used expression Hasta luego (See you later): This is also widely used in Spanish conversation. It is [...]
Greetings in spanish, say hello, basic conversation spanish

Greetings in Spanish, how to say hello

Greetings in Spanish, saying hello when meet a known person When you meet a known person, it is educational to say hello, greetings Say goodbye are used when you stop talking to a person. Post to learn how to say goodbye in Spanish Let's learn how to say hello in Spanish, greetings, initial Spanish conversation [...]
Las preposiciones en español, gramatica español inicial

Prepositions of place in Spanish

Prepositions of place in Spanish, uses and examples Prepositions of place are used to tell where things, persons or animal are. They show the location of something related to something else. How to use prepositions of place in Spanish Prepositions of place are almost always used with the verb ESTAR. This is the most common [...]
diferencias verbos ser estar en espanol

Uses ser vs estar Spanish verbs

Learning the differences between ser and estar, Spanish common verbs In many languages, SER and ESTAR are the same verb, but in Spanish this two verbs have different uses, which is difficult for Spanish students. Learning Spanish grammar: The correct use of the verbs ser and estar, keys to differentiate them.   Video How to [...]

Comparisons in Spanish, comparative and superlative

Learning comparisons in Spanish. Comparisons of equality, inequality and superlatives Comparisons help us to differentiate and describe people and things, comparing them with others. Basic Spanish grammar, initial Spanish     Verbs to make comparisons in Spanish We generally use the verb SER in Spanish comparisons, because we compare characteristics: Yo soy más mayor que [...]
Vocabulario de las formas en español, vocabulario inicial español

Shapes vocabulary in Spanish

Shapes vocabulary in Spanish, learning name of shapes intermediate vocabualry Use shapes vocabulary to describe objects. Speaking Spanish with words for shapes in spanish. Learn intermediate Spanish vocabulary, Spanish B1.   Video vocabulary of shapes in Spanish Spanish immersion videos, learning vocabulary with Spanish pronunciation. Educational materials of Spanish vocabulary, Spanish on Youtube Name of [...]
Que tiempo hace, hablar del tiempo en español conversacion inicial

Talk about the weather in Spanish

Learning expressions to talk about the weather in Spanish, idioms about the weather with examples Learn Spanish basic conversation, expressions about the weather and vocabulary. Educational materials for basic Spanish Video to learn the weather in Spanish Educational video to study Spanish with Spanish pronunciation and subtitles. Educational resources to learn Spanish easy wit videos. Learn [...]
Aprender los numeros en español, aprender a contar

Learn Spanish numbers, how to count

Learn numbers in Spanish, initial Spanish Learn numbers 1-1000 or more, learn to count numbers in Spanish. Spanish numbers rules to learn how to say the number you want Learn numbers in Spanish from 1 to a billion. Spanish grammar Educational resources to learn Spanish with videos   A video to learn the numbers in [...]