Eating grapes in New Year’s Eve, Spanish traditions

Eating grapes in New Year’s Eve, Spanish traditions

Eating grapes, traditions in New Year’s Eve in Spain

New Year’s Eve is the last night of the year, December 31st. The Spanish tradition in New Year’s Eve is to eat 12 grapes. It is the most famous tradition in Spain to bid farewell to the year


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Eating grapes in New year’s eve

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Spanish New year’s Eve traditions

Tradition of eating grapes on New Year’s Eve

Something that can not be missing in New Year’s Eve in Spain are the grapes, the fruit of the vine

Twelve chimes sound at 12 0’clock, according to tradition we have to eat twelve grapes, one for each chime. If you manage to finish the grapes on time it will bring you good luck for next year


Chimes on the Puerta del Sol in Madrid

The most traditional place for New Year’s Eve is the Puerta del Sol, one of the most important squares in Madrid. It is from where it is transmitted in almost all the televisions.



Other traditions of New Year’s Eve

  • Wear red underwear brings good luck.
  • Toast with champagne after chimes
  • Put a ring in the glass of champagne, it will bring fortune

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