Say goodbye in Spanish

Say goodbye in Spanish

Ways to say goodbye in Spanish

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Expressions to say goodbye in Spanish

  • Adios (Goodbye): It is the most used expression
  • Hasta luego (See you later): This is also widely used in Spanish conversation. It is used even if we are not going to see the person again.

Other expressions to say goodbye depending on when we are going to see the other person again

If you are going to see her again that same day:

– Nos vemos luego (See You later)
– Hasta luego (See You later)

If you are going to see her the next day

– Nos vemos mañana (See you tomorrow)

If you don’t know when you will see her again

– Nos vemos (see you)
– Hasta pronto (see you soon)
– Hasta la vista


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Saying goodbye in Spanish

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