Vocabulary Christmas decoration in Spanish

Vocabulary Christmas decoration in Spanish

Learning vocabulary of Christmas decoration in Spanish

Words in Spanish of decoration elements in Christmas, advanced Spanish vocabulary

Materials and educational resources to learn about Christmas in Spain.

Video Christmas decoration vocabulary

Learn in this video Spanish vocabulary about Christmas. Video with Spanish pronunciation

Vocabulary Spanish Christmas decoration

Level: Advanced Spanish

Topic: Spanish vocabulary

Vocabulary sheets of Christmas decoration

In Spain it is traditional to put up the Christmas tree and put the nativity scene. Also its used centers with candles, wreaths and other Christmas decorations

Christmas tree decoration

A fir is used to put up the Christmas tree. Una estrella (star) is placed on top and many more ornaments can be put up:

  • Guirnaldas (Garlands)
  • luces (lights)
  • bolas del árbol (tree balls)
  • Otros adornos (other ornaments)
    • Corazones (hearts)
    • Lazos (ties)
    • Figuritas (Figurines)
    • Copos de nieve (snowflakes)


Arbol de navidad, vocabulario decoracion Navidad en español
adornos arbol Navidad, vocabulario navidad español

More Christmas decoration in Spanish

  • Vela (candle)
  • Centros (centerpiece)
  • Caramelos (Candies)
  • Calcetín (Shock)

Two popular Christmas plants are also used

  • Muérdago (Mistletoe)
  • Acebo (Holly)


Vocabulario español decoración Navidad

Nativity scene

Nativity scene is the Christian representation of Jesus’ birth. Main characters of Nativity scene are Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus. There are usually two animals, the mule and the ox.

On the way to the portal there are an angel, the shepherds and the three wise men.

Vocabulario español decoración Navidad

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